Vaccination – salvation or health hazard?

Today about vaccinations did not write only the lazy. I’m not lazy, too, I bring my 5 cents in this painful topic. Everything that is written below is my personal reflection, based on personal experience, does not claim to be the ultimate truth and may not coincide with your opinion.
My daughter was born 8 months pregnant, the birth was by caesarean section. About pregnancy and childbirth I wrote here (why gave birth to a sick child). In the hospital, the first vaccination we did not do and warned that premature children are vaccinated with a delay of a month. At the first examination in the children’s clinic, we were praised for a good weight gain, for the fact that we managed to keep breastfeeding. When Alice was born, her weight was 2200 grams. And the strength to suck her breast was not enough, in the hospital I fed her from a bottle first with a mixture, and then began to Express milk and feed also from a bottle, but with breast milk. It was difficult, because she slept for 2 hours at night, of which I spent almost an hour to Express milk, then wash and disinfect the breast pump. One day, I woke up from the fact that sitting in the kitchen watering myself with water from the kettle, went to drink and fell asleep. Yes and as something this wrong, feed breast milk from bottles, glee link is obtained. In addition, breastfeeding, this is the whole action, which in addition to feeding has a number of all sorts of benefits. In General, I tried very hard to get us away from the bottle. I often spread it on my chest, we lay together in the bathroom, I talked to her, tried again and again and we succeeded! It was cool and very cool! It became much easier for me, the benefits for the child are much greater. So, in the first visit to the clinic, Alice was recognized as healthy in all respects and with a small delay began to put vaccinations.
She tolerated vaccinations perfectly. One time I refused to get vaccinated, which was on schedule, I was embarrassed that she had some problems with the chair. The pediatrician after the examination said that the daughter is healthy and she sees no obstacles to vaccination. I refused. This vaccination we put in two weeks, when the tests were passed and the stool returned to normal. The only time she had a reaction to the vaccination was when she was given a second DPT. Her temperature rose to almost 38, but in the morning she came back to normal and in the clinic we were reassured that this happens, you need to watch the child, if something bothers, then contact. No more alarming symptoms appeared.
Now Alice is 6 years old. We have a medical discharge from vaccinations, which we were prescribed by a neurologist (not in the clinic). Our pediatrician does not insist on vaccinations, but so far we do not have them on schedule.
I do not associate Alice’s diagnoses (autism, SMA, mild mental retardation, ADHD, more about them – here) with vaccinations. Although, it is a very common belief that autism is caused by vaccinations. I know parents who did not vaccinate and their child has autism, I know those who did and they also have autism.

From the point of view of society as a whole, vaccinations are a blessing. Remember or read, for example, about polio, because the terrible disease and complications after it are very heavy. Now we hear about polio when we vaccinate against it (those red drops). And this is thanks to vaccinations.
From the point of view of each individual child, vaccination is always a risk, because parents sign a consent. Another question is how much it is informed, many of you before vaccination told about possible complications? But there are complications and sometimes very serious. There are situations when the vaccination acts as a trigger, if the child already has problems in genetics or difficult childbirth, or a disease suffered before and then the vaccination will be the last straw, after which the Cup will overflow and parents will see a rollback in the development of the child.
I am very close to the point of view of our neurologist, who advocates a differentiated approach, for the fact that before vaccination, not just measured the temperature, height and weight of the child, and passed tests. The child who is vaccinated should be absolutely healthy, then the risks are minimized, not completely excluded, it is still impossible.
I do not urge parents to refuse vaccinations, in my opinion this is a very good way to fight serious diseases, with complications that they give. I for that parents educated that they searched for information that for a vaccine put their child that if the child feels badly the parent could tell that now will not put a vaccination. That, signing the consent to vaccination the parent represented what complications can arise.
Health to you and your children!