Alice moved into her room.

Good day to all! No wonder they say: “There would be no happiness, but misfortune would help.” Our grandmother had a covid-19. Due to the fact that the age is no longer girly and in the recent past a heart attack, the doctor immediately suggested hospitalization, we, of course, agreed. They took my grandmother to Anapa, handed her over to the doctors, and returned home themselves. I must say right away that in part of the disease they got off more or less easily, 25% of lung damage, did without a ventilator and after 10 days she was discharged to be treated at home. The recovery process turned out to be long and we have not reached the finish line yet, but we are moving steadily.

Due to the fact that Alice lived almost all the time with her grandmother, and spent the night there constantly (how and why it happened is written here), the question arose that she had nothing to do there without her grandmother and had to move to her parents’ house. We were mentally preparing for the fact that there would be a scandal, there would be tears and in general everything would be very difficult. The reality turned out to be much brighter. Alice stayed at home absolutely calmly. However, she refused to sleep in her room and for the first few days we slept with her in the living room, then in the guest room.

Less than a week later, she realized that her room was only her room. In the summer, guests periodically lived there and there was a crowd of people in general. Now the house has become quiet and it’s easier for Alice. And when she realized that she could close the door to her room and be alone, she was very pleased. After all, your space means a lot.

When our grandmother returned from the hospital and recovered a little, she decided that it was time to return her granddaughter to her native penates, but Alice no longer wanted to return. Now she comes to visit her grandmother, sometimes stays overnight. By what principle she decides where she wants to sleep, I did not understand, most likely this is the dictate of the soul.

I am very pleased that now we have the opportunity to vary its location, it gives us some freedom and a lot of peace when someone needs to leave. The grandmother, of course, was upset, she wants to be with her granddaughter all the time, but now she admits that it would be difficult, the recovery process is not particularly fast. Now she herself needs care and attention more than Alice.

As always, with the change of her usual life, Alice becomes more independent. I am glad that in a large house it is constantly in motion, only the stairs to the second floor itself is an excellent simulator. Alice once tried to carry a glass of juice into her room so that her life would be full of sheer pleasure, but I stopped this happy moment. In order to drink, she goes down to the kitchen and eats too, along with everyone at the table. The eldest nineteen-year-old son tried to pull off a similar maneuver in order to absorb food in his room while sitting at the computer, but he was also broken off and now eats like a mere mortal at the common table.

Life is moving, something is changing and I am very pleased that these changes are beneficial to Alice. Thank you very much for your attention to our stories, it is very valuable. Good luck and positive changes to everyone!