An autistic child walks on tiptoe

Good day! I often talk about what progress Alice is making in her life and how happy we are about these successes. To be honest, it’s much easier to share joys than failures. Every time I write about Alice’s failure, I want to somehow smooth out these moments, find an explanation for why this is happening, justify myself and my child. And even now, when I want to talk about the unsolved problem of “walking on tiptoes”, I write and erase the text, I pick up words and expressions for a long time. I don’t know why this happens, probably the desire to get the approval of society is sitting somewhere inside and driven by a sense of guilt makes you look for approval. What’s all this about? To the fact that failure is present in our life and it is impossible to achieve success without it. And, despite the fact that most of our articles tell about Alice’s successes, not everything is so smooth.

We have a big problem — Alice walks on tiptoe. Previously, it seemed to me that this was not a problem at all, you’d think, as if there were not enough difficulties without it. Moreover, Alice’s dad also moved in this way almost all his childhood. Of course, we went to an orthopedic surgeon and a neurologist, the diagnosis was high muscle tone.

What was treated with:

  • swimming pool;
  • massage;
  • Physical therapy;
  • adaptive physical education;
  • paraffin wraps;
  • acupuncture;
  • walking on an uneven and heterogeneous surface;
  • heavy orthopedic shoes;
  • various exercises, for example, she collects small objects with her toes, etc.

There is almost no result. At the last massage session, the specialist said that the tone in the right leg is higher than in the left, but the foot works better on the right leg. It turns out that Alice can stand up with her right foot on a full foot, but because of her left foot, she puts her right foot on a sock. We are recommended to do massage not even every three months, but monthly. On the advice of an adaptive physical education specialist, we bought weights, now we will introduce them into our lives. Alice calmly treated them in class, I think there will be no problems at home either.

She even jumps on the trampoline on her toes. I noticed that her left leg had become a little narrower than her right. When I saw it, it really scared me. Considering that massage is not the cheapest pleasure, I am already thinking about learning how to do it myself.

In general, the work is going on, I hope that this problem will gradually be solved, but so far I cannot boast of success. Have you ever encountered a similar problem, maybe there are tips or successful experience?