Bath procedures and an autistic child. We are trying to introduce a new tradition.

Happy New Year, dear friends! This holiday is my favorite, it is filled with magic! I firmly believe that wishes made on New Year’s Eve are fulfilled. I sincerely wish you that the coming year will bring with it many miracles, wonderful achievements and victories!

This new year we celebrated for the first time in the house, and not in the apartment. In this regard, a new tradition has appeared — to go to the bathhouse on December 31. It turned out that this is very cool. I tried to free up the last day of the year as much as possible and prepared everything I could on the 30th. As a result, the day was released and we quietly said goodbye to 2021.

The bath as a ritual of purification and abandonment of all unnecessary things in the past perfectly fit into the New Year’s process. Of course, we did not have snow, and the air temperature was plus, but the pleasure of the bath was no less, especially since pouring cold water from the well is very invigorating. We love bath procedures with the whole family. Only Alice remained aloof for the time being. Due to the fact that it is extremely difficult for her to describe her condition, we did not risk, you never know, suddenly, she will feel bad. But the idea of teaching Alice to go to the bathhouse settled in her head from the moment she bought this wonderful little wooden house.

On the 31st I decided to try. After everyone got drunk and the main fever subsided, I called Alice to the bath. Of course, she has been here, because the bathhouse is on our site and Alice was in it after its installation. To my amazement, my daughter reacted very well and calmly to the steam room. She listened with interest to her feelings, agreed to sit on the shelves first, and then lay down. Everything was so good that I even ventured to show her how to steam with a broom. That’s what she didn’t approve of, so we just looked at it, touched it, smelled it, and a little later I lightly moved her legs with a broom. After the steam room, having washed off all the dirt under the shower, Alice pink and absolutely calm went home. The experience was a success.

Of course, the temperature was no longer very high and I didn’t pour ice water on her, after all, I tried to avoid such contrasts, let her get used to it slowly. The bath, in my opinion, should bring pleasure, and not be a severe test of strength. And sharp innovations in the case of Alice do not work, she slowly gets used to everything new. The good news is that the very procedure of visiting the bathhouse as a whole was perceived favorably by her. We will try further. By the way, this is another sensory experience that allows her to get new sensations and feel her body, which is also good.

In such a simple, but very pleasant way, a new tradition of seeing off the old year was born in our family. I am glad that this tradition covers all family members, which makes us even closer to each other.

And how do you bring new traditions into your life?