We took part in a school competition with Alice.

Good day! Before the beginning of the autumn holidays, Alice and I were invited to participate in a school competition. We agreed with pleasure. I really love the whole informal part of my studies. Participation in creative contests is a special pleasure. Maybe some compensatory mechanisms are triggered, but such events give me the feeling that Alice’s studies are like all children who study in ordinary secondary schools.

When my daughter went to kindergarten, I actively participated in the life of their group, with her admission to school, I hoped that this activity would remain with me, but I was mistaken. Alice is homeschooled (how we came to this is written here) and, although I take her to school, she studies with the teacher individually. It turns out that we have nothing to do with the class in which Alice began her studies. Accordingly, participation in the parent committee or any other in-class activity passes us by. I write “us” here consciously, meaning both my daughter and myself. Maybe I’m a little crazy, but I like to participate in the organization of holidays, buy notebooks, look for textbooks, etc. Therefore, when he offered us to participate in the competition, I was very inspired.

The competition was dedicated to a healthy lifestyle in general and a daily routine in particular. We had to arrange photos of one day of Alice on the Watman. We approached the matter with full responsibility. The first item of the program took the grandmother, put on tracksuits and went to the sea to do exercises. I was worried that Alice wouldn’t want to and our usual walk would turn out, but she liked it. Together with my grandmother, they ran, jumped, did bends, pumped their abs, walked on a log, so conveniently washed ashore during a storm. The photos turned out to be very bright, everyone was tired, but they were very happy.

The next item was breakfast. Everything went quite easily here, Alice eats soup quite independently and cleans up the dishes, so I just had to take a couple of photos of this process.

The way to school and the educational process itself had to be shown with photos taken earlier, since the holidays had already begun.

To complete the picture, we added a photo with an older brother. Later he was indignant that he did not turn out very well in the photo, but he allowed himself to be persuaded and allowed to keep it.

When it came time to print out the photos and glue them on the paper, it turned out that the yellow paint had dried up in our printer and the photos turned out to be extremely unusual. We added some funny signatures to the design, a couple of photos with cats and were very satisfied with the finished work.

I love such contests also because they give an opportunity to try something new, interesting, to do something together, just to be with each other. Of course, another reason is my “excellent student syndrome”, my husband laughs, but says that it’s even more interesting this way. In general, everyone has their own cockroaches.

Today, the teacher sent me a photo of the diploma in the messenger — we took first place in this competition! My inner excellent student fell into ecstasy. The diploma will be attached to Alice’s portfolio, which is collected at school.

It turns out that we not only rolled down to the sea, did exercises, sorted out old photos, painted, but also had a wonderful time with each other. By the way, after that Alice was happy to do exercises during our walks by the sea, but the idea to do this was born thanks to the contest. And I want to express my gratitude to teachers, psychologists, methodologists, those who come up with and organize such contests, they are really necessary and interesting.

And what activities and activities besides the educational process do you and your children like?