News about Alice

Hello, our dear subscribers who are not indifferent to our channel and just looked at the light! Thank you very much for your interest, for your empathy and for being interested in Alice’s fate.

I apologize for being lost. Alice is doing well, she continues to go to school, found a common language with the teacher and now studying for her is not only useful, but also a pleasant thing.

Now we are actively completing our house, or rather we are doing interior decoration. And since we have already sold the apartment and we will have to vacate it in the near future, we threw all our efforts at completing the construction in order to get into more or less human conditions. We disappear with my husband and eldest son at a construction site from morning until late at night, we arrive and fall asleep. There is a big plus, we have learned to sheathe the walls with drywall, putty, primer, make window slopes, lay laminate. Now we are preparing to learn how to glue wallpaper and stretch the ceiling. When we first took up this case, we naively believed that we would figure out the interior decoration much faster than they would build walls and a roof for us. It turned out that everything was not as fast as dreamed. All this is very exciting, only in the process you realize how many nuances there are in any, even the simplest at first glance, case.

During this time:

We realized that our hands are not exactly golden, but they still grow from the right place.
They appreciated YouTube and were fervently grateful to those who shoot videos about repairs.
At the planning stage, we acted on the principle of “there are not many sockets”, at the stage of cutting holes for them in drywall, we thought “why do we need so many of them, because there are extension cords”.
We realized that we have real friends! Two friends of my husband from Chelyabinsk flew to us and sheathed the second floor with drywall in five days. It was an extremely timely help, because my husband overextended his back and came down with an intervertebral hernia. I was thinking with fear about how we would drag these huge sheets up our not huge stairs at all.
Arthur thought about leaving programming and doing repairs, but then changed his mind.
Trusting your son to choose wallpaper for his room is not difficult, it is difficult to accept his choice with joy.
I realized that I hate working with sound insulation, after it everything itches and my eyes water for several days.

  1. We have clearly learned that the safety rules are not written by fools.
  2. Simple water pouring from the tap brings more joy than New Year’s gifts.

We have already moved our cat herd into the house, a herd of three individuals. At first they were stunned and refused to get out of the bag and explore a new living space, and now they are happy to go for a walk around the neighborhood. In the future, we want to build them a cat house and evict them from ours.

We are actively working to make Alice like her new home. We took her with us when we went to see how the house was being built. Now she enjoys spending time in her grandmother’s house (it is smaller and we do it first of all in order to have time to move). In a week we plan to move the furniture and then we will have our first overnight stay. I really hope that everything will go well. The good news is that there will be no neighbors under us and it will be possible not to worry and not shush Alice when she jumps on the floor at night. We plan to fence off our territory with a fence (we have a plot of 13 acres) and be calm that Alice will not go somewhere to travel.

In general, there are a lot of ideas and there is a lot of work to do, but we like it, we get high from the fact that grass grew on this site in the summer, and now there are two houses and you can already walk barefoot in one of them.

Alice spends most of her time with her grandmother now. At school, we have a new speech pathologist, a real professional and enthusiast in his field. She does a great job with Alice and gives a lot of tasks home, so our grandmother is slowly mastering the methods of AVA therapy. Our rear is reliable, it inspires joy and makes life much easier. My head is teeming with ideas, my hands itch to fulfill them. I dream of planning Alice’s room so that it is as functional as possible from the point of view of its development. My husband dreams of a milling machine, sticks to construction tools in stores and watches carpenters’ workshops.

Everyone is busy, eyes are burning, business is moving.

I will try very hard not to disappear like this anymore, but it is unlikely that I will be able to write something regularly, so I will try to raid. Thank you very much for worrying about us, asking, I didn’t expect such a response! It is very inspiring and pleasing!

I want to wish you to believe in yourself and not be afraid to try, do and make mistakes, correct and start anew, change your final goals in the process and move towards the dream!