The world is driven by love. It is she who makes the Earth go round!

L. Carroll

Hello and welcome! This blog will be me. My name is Lena and I am Alice’s mom.

When Alice was still planning, I already knew that I would name her that way, in honor of the main character of the cycle of books, Cyrus Bulychev, which begins with the collection “A Girl with Which Nothing Happens”. I imagined just such a girl, courageous, quick-witted, very direct and kind, which attracts interesting adventures. I dreamed of how, together with her, we would read books carefully preserved by me about Alice and invent new stories. But now everything went according to plan.

Our Alice is more like Alice Lewis Carroll, she is wonderful, kind, very active, but lives as if in her own world, her logic is completely different from ours, and I still cannot imagine how she perceives this world.

Our daughter has sensorimotor alalia, which is accompanied by autistic traits, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder, and a slight degree of mental retardation. All these are official diagnoses of neurologists and psychiatrists, we agree with something, we question something, but you won’t erase words from the song, all this is present in our life one way or another.

Alice is now almost 7 years old, she has a very poor vocabulary, she says only “mom”, “dad”, “woman”, “give”, “go,” but for us this is a big progress. She is very independent, she goes to kindergarten and has recently been dancing, she loves the New Year and fried chicken very much, she is like an ordinary child in many ways, she also enjoys her success, she is sad, she is very worried when Luntik is offended in the cartoon and we all love her heart.

For all the years that we first denied its peculiarity, then fought with it and, finally, came to accept, we have accumulated a lot of thoughts and various finds that I want to share. I will try very hard to write as honestly as possible, without embellishment, I hope that someone will find our experience useful and help to find our way.