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  1. Unconditional love
  2. About Acceptance
  3. Air Travel with a Special Child
  4. How to organize classes at home
  5. About a dream, or rather about its absence
  6. Why do parents restrict the communication of a “special” child?
  7. Get out of my head
  8. How we made a child disability in Anapa. Part one.
  9. How we made a child disability in Anapa. Part two.
  10. Adaptation to kindergarten
  11. Why did this happen to me?
  12. Is a special child a universal punishment or the ultimate destination?
  13. Is a disabled child a sentence?
  14. Why does a special child become a target for bullying?
  15. Two mistakes made by parents of children with disabilities.
  16. Special or sick?
  17. How to organize a trip to the clinic with a special child
  18. I fear for the future of my child.
  19. How we sat on a gluten-free and case-free diet
  20. About dads in general and about our dad in particular
  21. Anxiety symptoms or when there is reason to consult a specialist
  22. What assistance does the state provide to disabled children and their parents.
  23. How to choose a speech therapist
  24. “Magic pill” or how to deceive the parents of disabled children.
  25. Why give birth to a sick child?
  26. The joys of family life with a disabled child
  27. Fears of a father to a daughter with mental disabilities
  28. A special child in a group with ordinary children-good or bad?
  29. Vaccination – salvation or health hazard?
  30. To give birth or not to the second child if the first-the disabled person?
  31. Pity. | Everyday life of a family with a disabled child
  32. Rollbacks in the development of a disabled child-how not to give up and not go crazy.
  33. Moving changed our lives
  34. Special or rude?
  35. What are you fighting for? For what parents of the disabled child are engaged in its development.
  36. Why did John Watson experiment on a baby
  37. Interesting features of autistic children
  38. Is it worth taking care of the appearance of a disabled child?
  39. Benefits of a child with autism
  40. A little bit about the children’s selfishness and the phenomena Piaget
  41. What’s wrong with Alice
  42. New year’s holidays as a history of development of a disabled child
  43. Alice and animals
  44. Love for swings and the formation of the “wait” skill.
  45. About selectivity in the food.
  46. Car trip from Anapa to Surgut with an autistic child
  47. A girl with whom nothing will happen.
  48. Feelings of guilt
  49. How we were looking for Alice.
  50. How Alice learned to swim.
  51. How Alice closed me on the balcony.
  52. How do I choose a school for Alice. An autistic child and the school.
  53. First time in first class. An autistic child and the school.
  54. First week of school. An autistic child and the school
  55. Parents in the boarding school of type 8. An autistic child and the school.
  56. I need to adapt to school. An autistic child and the school.
  57. Impudence is the second happiness, and in the clinic – the first.
  58. All troubles from the head
  59. From cottage to house | Home for Alice and her family
  60. This great power is grandmothers!
  61. Asked to transfer the child to individual training
  62. First successes in school. An autistic child and school.
  63. Preparing for an electrocardiogram of an autistic child | How Alice was given an electrocardiogram.
  64. How we treated Alice’s teeth under anesthesia. Part one.
  65. How we treated Alice’s teeth under anesthesia. Part two.
  66. Asked to leave for home schooling. An autistic child and a school.
  67. Transition to home schooling. An autistic child and a school.
  68. The first day of homeschooling. An autistic child and a school.
  69. Two weeks of homeschooling. An autistic child and a school.
  70. News about Alice
  71. How Alice moved into our new house.
  72. Alice’s new skills
  73. Homework with an autistic child
  74. Intensive for a child with autism
  75. An autistic child walks on tiptoe
  76. Communication of an autistic child with other children. Our experience.
  77. New classes at Alice’s house
  78. How an autistic child is sick. Our experience.
  79. Where do teenagers with autism disappear to?
  80. Alice moved into her room.
  81. second class
  82. To force or negotiate. How to behave with an autistic child.
  83. How does a child with autism see?
  84. We took part in a school competition with Alice.
  85. Learned helplessness of autistics
  86. Food selectivity of autistic people. Our successes.
  87. Bath procedures and an autistic child. We are trying to introduce a new tradition.
  88. Mastering a new business