Mastering a new business

Good day! It’s been a long time since we’ve been here. Meanwhile, the summer holidays passed and Alice went to the 3rd grade. It so happened that her teacher changed again. Before the beginning of the year, the head teacher jokingly told me that now they are afraid to take Alice, so as not to go on maternity leave, like her two previous teachers. Once again, we were lucky. Alice has fallen into the excellent, very professional hands of a speech pathologist, in addition, once a week she attends classes with a school psychologist and a speech therapist.
With pleasure and, importantly, with calmness and attentiveness, he attends lessons in the classroom. There was a need for communication. Alice has generally become more mature. She moved into her room and even sometimes asks us to leave it. Our eldest child moved to Anapa, where he lives quite independently with his fiancee, so another room was vacated, where Alice periodically spends the night. In general, it’s a big progress that she chooses where she will sleep, before such a shift was a huge stress.
Increasingly, we began to think about what she would do when she graduated from school. And it so happened that the husband, tired of mental labor, became interested in manual labor and engaged in the manufacture of cutting wooden boards. It turned out that this process is very exciting. I help him as much as possible, I am, one might say, an apprentice. You get such pleasure when you see a finished product, something that you made yourself, with your own hands. The process of working with wood is fascinating, each board turns out to be unique, inimitable and amazingly beautiful. Now, at the end of the working day, we go to the workshop (which was originally planned to be a garage, but time has shown that we do not need a garage, but we really need a workshop). The first products were left to themselves, and then they began to give gifts to relatives and friends. They honed their skills and came to sales. Now our boards can be purchased, examples of works are here. My husband dreams that over time he will completely leave programming and will only work with a tree. Gradually, I plan to connect Alice to this process too. She may well master painting finished products or processing them with oil and wax, and there she may master more complex processes. The main thing is to try and not be afraid.
For example, for the school New Year’s contest, we made a Christmas tree with the whole family. My husband made the base, Alice painted it, I glued beads and together with Alice we decorated it with toys and cones, the result pleased all of us. Now we will be anxiously waiting for the results of the competition. In the meantime, we are waiting for him to make a second one for my brother (I showed him the finished result on my head). Older children (son and his fiancee) they want one, but big, so that they can hang a garland, and if they want to, they have to do it.

It is very interesting and unusual to master a new business when you are almost 40 and you already have a profession and experience and a job that brings a good income. Somehow it so happened that after moving to our house, where we had to do sooo much by ourselves, the fear of doing something with our own hands disappeared. He didn’t even just disappear, but there was a desire to make something, to create. When you see the results of your work and you like them, there is some amazing feeling of satisfaction with yourself and your life. There were new forces, new interests, we learned to distinguish oak from ash, learned a lot of new terms, learned how to shape and fugue. My husband signed a contract with SDEK, now we can send our boards to different parts of Russia. Surgut, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk have already received the first orders, which we are incredibly happy about. We have new dreams, plans (we really want to buy a CNC machine, you can do very beautiful things on it). All this is very inspiring and gives a lot of positive emotions.

After they mastered the manufacture of end boards, they decided to try to make Alice a bed made of wood with their own hands. This is our next step, if we succeed, then we will make one for ourselves later. A lot of opportunities have opened up, I want to take on everything at once, but I have to slow myself down, otherwise ideas will engulf us without a trace.
In general, we have a new business that we want to make a big family business, ideally generating income and for Alice to take an active part in this process. This is what we live for now.
Friends! Of course, I can’t help but leave a link to the website with our products. If you like something, we will be very glad!