second class

It’s almost the middle of October now and I still haven’t written anything about Alice’s school successes. This year she recovered to the second grade. For those who are interested in our story about the first class, here is the link. Let me remind you that Alice studies at a correctional boarding school of type 8 at home (but I take her to school three times a week for classes with a teacher and a speech pathologist). We had a busy summer, a lot of classes, two intensive courses, a lot of guests and a little of the sea itself, so when Alice’s teacher wrote that the start of classes was postponed for a week, we were not upset. Just in August, the second intensive ended and a week of rest was very useful. The week stretched for two, and then it turned out that Alice was temporarily taken by a defectologist, that is, she now works with her both as a teacher and as a defectologist. Everything went very quietly. The reasons why this happened are personal and do not concern us, so I will not voice them. With great warmth, both Alice and I treat the first teacher, the first class, thanks to her, flew by wonderfully. But life is life, and no matter how much I would like us to continue our studies in the second grade under her strict guidance, she makes her own adjustments and we need to treat this philosophically.

So, a new teacher. The form of work and even the place has changed. Now twice a week we go to Anapa to the teacher for classes and once to school. All classes are conducted by the same teacher, all free of charge and within the framework of the program.

Of course, Alice got used to the first weeks. Although, I went to school with great pleasure, I missed you. After the second week of school, she tried to refuse to get out of the car and go to class. I spent an hour trying to explain to her that no matter how much she cried and swore, she still had to go to class. Now there are no problems, it goes with pleasure. Sometimes, when we arrive a little earlier, we go for a walk around the store, she chooses coloring pages with pleasure, especially she liked about Luntik.

If we compare with the first teacher, this year the teacher is stricter, it is difficult to bend her, she has a lot of experience working with such children and Alice’s attempts to push her crying and not do what she does not want, she stops at once. Classes are very productive. They sculpt, make applications, write, study letters and numbers, develop fine motor skills, imitation, perform sensory tasks, etc. After each lesson, they always tell me what Alice did, what happened, and what needs to be worked on, they give me a lot of homework. I am very pleased and glad that Alice is in safe hands. In addition to educational activities, social adaptation continues this year. For example, now Alice is allowed to go to the toilet alone.

Today Alice went to physical education with other guys. She was not comfortable because it was noisy, but at the same time it was exciting to be with other children. She kept to herself, but looked with interest.

I was surprised and pleased with another case today. While we were waiting for the teacher in the hall (and this year parents can already accompany the child to school and hand over to the teacher), the bell rang for recess and the children left the classrooms. A girl about the age of Alice ran past us, maybe a year older. Running, she saw Alice and with a cry: “Alice!” rushed to us. She ran up and said, “Hello, Alice! Hello, hello, dear! My soul!” started hugging her. I was very surprised, the girl is not from our class, although the children here all know each other, there are not so many of them. I asked Alice to say hello to the girl, and to my surprise she did not express any negativity to being hugged. The little whirlwind had already gone somewhere further on her business, and I was still sitting and smiling. I see that Alice likes to go to school, here she becomes more independent and mature, is not afraid to walk around the building, knows where to undress, where is the office in which she studies, the toilet and the dining room.

In general, the second grade is easier for me, everything is already familiar, the stage of adaptation has been passed, contacts have been established, emotions have subsided, a productive learning process is underway. I really hope that the whole year will pass in such a rhythm, it will please me very much.