New classes at Alice’s house

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When we moved from an apartment to a house, the life of our family in general and our daughter with autism in particular changed. Today I will tell you about what new classes Alice has.

  1. Trampoline. It was only when we dreamed that we would have our own house that we knew for sure that there would definitely be a trampoline. Alice loves to jump on a trampoline, but to put it in the apartment, firstly, it’s a pity for the neighbors from below, and secondly there is no place. When Alice was little and we still lived in Surgut, she had a small trampoline, but she is growing, but there are no square meters, so we did not buy a trampoline in the apartment in Anapa. But when we moved— we broke away to the fullest and bought a three-meter outdoor trampoline. There was no limit to her joy when we collected it. On the very first evening, while jumping with Ruslan (our eldest son, he is 18), she twisted her leg and for the next three days limped to the window and looked sadly at the empty trampoline. Now, when the novelty has already come down and the trampoline has become a familiar part of everyday life, it does not cause so many emotions, but Alice loves to jump on it.
  2. Swimming pool. Now it’s a favorite. Alice loves to swim in the pool. She dives with pleasure, has become a good air retention and can swim the entire pool (5 meters) under water. In the heat, this is a real salvation. She swims in the pool 5-6 times a day, spends half an hour to an hour in it. With pleasure, she pulls out a small ball from the bottom, which I throw her. In the same place, in the pool, we teach her to throw the ball to a person (it turned out that she can throw the ball into the basket, but not to a person, now we train). She can swim in the pool alone, maybe with someone, loves to swim with her older brother, because he throws her up, helps to dive and, in general, it’s fun and interesting with him. One disadvantage in the pool is that her hair gets tangled, and Alice doesn’t like to comb it, so I cut it yesterday, and now this problem has been solved.
  3. Photos. We started our move from an apartment to a house with a small grandmother’s house. I wrote about this in detail here. And Alice found printed photos in her grandmother’s things. They fascinated her very much and she decided to hang them first on the refrigerator, and then, when the place on the refrigerator ran out on the wall. Now she constantly outweighs them from one wall to another, and for a reason, she chooses which one of them should hang where, what order will be, etc. Thanks to this lesson, she learned to cut and carve. There are a lot of photos, there are not enough frames for everything, so we hang the photos with tape. And I began to include Alice in the process, first she asked to hang photos of me, then she started to hang herself, then I gave her scissors so that she cut the tape and glued it to the photo. Now she can do the whole process herself, tear off a strip of tape, cut it off, glue it to a photo and then a photo to the wall.
  4. Split pictures. Alice loves to collect puzzles. It seems to me that there are no puzzles left in Anapa that we would not have bought. Not so long ago, she began to find pictures of puzzles on the Internet and ask me to get them out of there. It was necessary to do something and then there was an idea to print the picture and cut it. Moreover, I once bought a similar educational game “Fairy Tales”, where there were 2 identical pictures, one of which is whole, and the second is cut into different parts and it is necessary to assemble the second on the first. This game has been on the shelf for a long time, and recently Alice became interested in it and now she has one of her favorites. She even made a similar game for herself once. I took the book, tore out the pages, tore the pages into different parts and then sat and put them together like a puzzle. By the same principle, I found a picture from “Well, just you wait,” on the internet , and I printed it out in two copies , one of which I cut into unequal parts. Alice liked this idea very much. Now, together with her, we choose a picture that she likes, print it out and cut it, and then she collects it with pleasure.
  5. Stars. Alice loves to look at the stars. In the city they are not so clearly visible, so we used to go to the Bolshoy Utrish Nature Reserve and there we walked by the sea before going to bed and looked at the stars. Alice just lay down on the pebbles and looked up at the sky. Now that we have moved to the village, we can observe the stars in large numbers just by leaving the house in the evening. Alice likes to look at the stars lying on a trampoline. A great pastime, in my opinion.

That’s probably all of the new. Alice’s life has become more intense since moving into the house, there are more opportunities for her and much more freedom.