Alice and animals

Part of our cat family.

Today I’ll talk about how she interacts with pets.

Alice has a cat. The story began with the fact that in our cat family (two cats and a cat) the prospect of replenishment has ripened. Frankly, the replenishment was unexpected. We successfully castrated the older cat, and the younger one was early, but amid the fact that the competition was gone, and the cat began to actively ask the younger one, it urgently matured and patched up the kitten cat. To our joy, the kitten was born only one. We did not plan to leave him, we wanted to attach him in good hands. It is very difficult to attach a mongrel kitten in Anapa, here it’s just a cat kingdom. If you go to the embankment, you can see the whole cat family, which people are very actively feeding. Cats here feel very comfortable. The process of “attachment” was delayed, the kitten grew. And, suddenly, it turned out that he constantly revolved around Alice.

The pet daughter actively ignored. She could pet the cat if asked about it, but no more. If one of the cats interfered with her, she simply pushed them or pushed them away, they, not particularly resisting, left. The kitten was not one of those. He stubbornly came to her, laid his thick carcass on the puzzles that she collected and wallowed. If he wanted affection, he also came to her, purred loudly and rubbed against her back, crawled under his hands. Alice was indignant, threw him off, but he was returning. Gradually she got used to him. Of course, our hand didn’t rise to give it to someone, so he stayed with us. He grew up thick, striped and very active. At night I close all the cats on the balcony, so as not to interfere with sleep. In the morning, everyone first runs to me to demand food, and the kitten (as we call it from old memory) runs into the room to Alice.

Recently I found how they were sitting together on a windowsill, she spoke something to her in her own language, and he sat opposite and listened carefully to her, periodically prompting him to stroke him. I don’t know why they had such a friendship, but I’m very happy about it. Any contact is important to Alice.

In addition to cats, we also have the dog Urry (remember, as in Electronics: “Urry, Urry, find out where he has the button”?). We got a dog when Alice was almost 2. This is the son’s pet, he dreamed of a dog. We took him a two-month-old puppy. His voice was thin and sonorous and he barked with all his puppy soul. Alice did not tolerate this sound very well, covered her ears, left the room, she had no other reactions to the dog. The dog grew very quickly, the voice ceased to be so sonorous and this problem was gone. At that time, Alice had a habit, if she did not like something – to bang her head against the wall. Once, at that moment, Urry fell into her arm, it turned out that beating her head against a soft dog is much more pleasant, I kind of express my protest, but it doesn’t hurt. Urry was thrilled with the new game. In general, he turned out to be an extremely kind and loving dog, probably, like all Labradors. In general, everyone was satisfied. Urry fell in love with the new game, Alice gradually abandoned the habit of banging her head against something, because I didn’t want to beat the wall anymore, and Urik was soft, but not very comfortable, he was very happy and was in constant motion. Now they have a completely peaceful relationship. He is trying to steal her chicken from a plate, she kicks him out of the room before going to bed. But the dog is still the son’s pet, so Alice and the dog are no longer friendships, but peaceful coexistence.