How we sat on a gluten-free and case-free diet

Sugar Free Candy

I have heard about the miracles of the gluten-free and case-free diet (hereinafter referred to as the bgbk diet), I was skeptical. Alice does not have celiac disease (gluten intolerance) and therefore was in no hurry to try it. However, an opportunity presented itself and we got to a neurologist-nutritionist who recommended that we still give up gluten, casein and sugar, in addition. Before that, we passed a bunch of tests, in addition, he prescribed various vitamins and supplements for us to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and thereby affect the brain. I will not discuss here the benefits or dangers of the BBQ diet, I believe that here the effect will be individual. I’ll say that Alisa’s most obvious effect was that molars climbed, I didn’t see any special changes in the behavior, neither did I in speech, though it got worse. She may have become a little calmer, but I attribute this more to giving up sugar than to gluten. Therefore, my opinion is that you should try, but only under the supervision of a doctor, with a periodic check of tests. The BBBC diet, by the way, is also not a very cheap pleasure. Amaranth bread, Jerusalem artichoke syrup and many other gluten-free products are more expensive than those we are used to. But all these are trifles of life, the main test for parents and children is to go on this diet and not jump off in the first week.

Most autistic children have a very limited diet, making it almost impossible to get them to try a new product. By the way, many parents say that after they put their children on a diet, their diet expanded, so this is also one of its advantages. Unfortunately, this did not happen here.

What a great preamble it turned out. I want to share with you the experience of how we sat on this diet.

At the doctor’s appointment, I asked how we should act, gradually or immediately. The doctor replied that there would be no gradually, there would be no sense in it, sit down immediately. So right away. In the evening after the reception, I drove to the store, picked up the “right” products, bought sugar-free corn flakes, put them on a baking sheet at home, smeared Jerusalem artichoke syrup (the only sweet syrup that we were allowed to do) and dried them to become sweet. We had no problems with the main menu. Alice ate soups before that, I only excluded potatoes from them for the first time, porridge, too, I only began to cook them in water or goat milk, adding all the same Jerusalem artichoke syrup for sweetness. Her favorite dish – fried chicken, too, remained, but now I fried not on sunflower oil, but on grape seed oil. Therefore, the main problem we had was sweet. Of the delicious Alice ate m&m’s, kinder surprise and kozinaki. All this had to be eliminated and it was also difficult to replace, because there was nothing similar (I mean externally) in the health food stores.

It’s difficult, no, not like that, DIFFICULT was three days. At first I wanted to describe every day, but I started to remember and realized that they had merged into one continuous stress. As the doctor promised, sugar withdrawal began. We practically weren’t at home these days, because she fell into hysteria at home, after spending 40 minutes we left the house, got into the car and went for a drive. How many kilometers we wound do not even know much. One day (in my opinion, the first) we arrived at Utrish. I chose this place because there were almost no shops there, and those that we had never visited before, and therefore I decided that we would take a quiet walk, swim in the sea and go home without any temptations. We arrived, parked the car and went. We walked very calmly, only in the place where we usually turn to the sea Alice took me straight, I went and decided that she wanted to go down to another place. I was wrong. Alice led me straight to the store. We had never visited this store before, I didn’t even think that it was going directly there. The money remained in the car, and it’s still impossible to drive and buy a prohibited product. I refused her, tried to distract, take away podobru-pozdorova, failed. Alice got hysterical; she needed m $ m’s candies at all costs. I rushed to the taxis, asked to be taken to the car (about 500 meters). Refused, charged 400 rubles. And in my car 150 and not a penny more. I then took her into an armful and carry, she roars and breaks out, and I carry. It’s good that it’s not so far to go, but it’s still not enough pleasant. Around the campers, they go to the sea, enjoy themselves, and then I sweat dragging Alice into the car. By the way, very unexpectedly at that moment on the way we met a woman psychologist who came here to rest. Unmistakably guessing her clients in us, she came up to us and shared an interesting way how to work with such tantrums. She advised every day to hug Alice and sit with her for 40-60 minutes. Of course, in the first days she will break out and cry, but you need to continue to gently hold her and talk to her, say how I love her, how good she is, etc. Looking ahead, I’ll say that I tried this method and it worked. Day after day, the time when she cried and pulled herself out, and then we just sat with her, hugging and chatting (well, not we chatted, but I chatted). After that, the number of tantrums also sharply decreased on the street, here, of course, the fact that sugar breaks passed and life became easier, life became more fun, played a role here.

So, this wonderful woman, sent to me, apparently, by higher powers, helped to calm Alice a little and we got to the car no longer under screams and desperate, but under a quiet sad cry. After that, I got an idea, I bought these ill-fated m $ m’s, gently opened the pack, poured all the sweets into the urn, and put dried fruits in the pack. Brought Alice, we opened it together, and there a bummer. I did this trick many times, got so skilled that I could buy a real pack in the store and change it to a useful one with Alice with a deft movement of my hand. I did the same with Kinder surprise, where instead of chocolate I put cornflakes without sugar. All together led to the fact that after three days she calmed down, again became my dear girl, returned to the classes that I abandoned, I exhaled. She dragged me to the shops for a couple of weeks, until she reconciled to the fact that her favorite treats are now not the same as before. After that, it became quite wonderful.

Therefore, dear parents who want to put their child on the BBQ diet, be prepared for the fact that the first few days will be very difficult (the number of days is different for everyone, at the same time many mothers put on the diet of their children and we in the group wrote to someone like passes, and so on average about a week goes to “breaking”), but then it becomes easier. Prepare in advance, try to replace the prohibited foods to the maximum with those allowed in such a way that the finished dish at least looks like the child is used to eating, it will be easier for you and him. Do not despair, if it’s hard, know that you are strong and will overcome everything, for the sake of such a goal as the health of a child, you can also turn mountains!