Impudence is the second happiness, and in the clinic – the first.

It was the third week of school life, but Alice suddenly found snot and now we are sitting at home. In this regard, I remembered the story of my most reckless act in my life.

It was in 2013. At the next appointment with the neurologist, it turned out that Alice had a slightly increased muscle tone in her legs and we were recommended to go to the pool in addition to physical therapy, paraffin and massage. Said and done. We had our own pool in the clinic, Alice was given a certificate quickly, it remains for me to make a certificate. At that time, Alice was 8 months old, and I was officially on maternity leave. And I had a miracle thing — a voluntary medical insurance policy. I really liked this thing, it was a real pleasure to treat my teeth, especially when you sign documents, see the amounts and know that you will not be paying for them.

For help for the pool, I also went to a paid clinic, so as not to stand in queues and do everything as quickly as possible. The clinic is quite ordinary, most of the clients come to it to pass a medical examination and get a certificate (annual professional examinations, medical examinations for drivers, etc.). the queues are small, they move very quickly — beauty!

I registered at the registry, quickly passed tests, passed a gynecologist, maybe someone else, I don’t remember exactly. In General, I come to the office of the dermatologist. I ask who is the last one. And in response, silence. That is, there is a queue and there are people clearly in the office that I need, but the latter are not. I walk along the line and ask who is the last one. Silence. Ask: “All first?”. Silence. And then I got so angry (I honestly blame everything on hormones). I tell people around me that if no one is in the office, I go next. The answer to me is still the same silence. I stand, waiting. The door opens and I calmly enter the office. I hear a commotion outside the door. The doctor tells me that you will be torn to shreds at the exit. And I already have adrenaline in my blood, there is no place to go. The doctor examined me, made a note and let me go in peace. I go out, silence. I was walking along the line, and a man called out to me. “Girl, you lost it at the office,” he says. “What have I lost?”, – I looked around, there is nothing. “Conscience,” he replies. I liked the joke, smiled and went on.

I went to the therapist’s office and asked who was the last one. Silence. Here I was already released, the adrenaline had worn off, I had to find out the order from the very first one and humbly wait for my turn.

It was the most brazen thing I’ve ever done. I won’t say I’m proud of him, but I’m not ashamed of him either. What brazen things have you done in your life?