About selectivity in the food.

Up to two years, Alice pleased us with an excellent appetite. She ate well, loved absolutely different food. She ate porridge, soups, nibbled apples, cookies, little by little tasted what we eat and she liked it. Up to a year and two months, she was breastfed, but, of course, by this age, she was already actively mastering the common table.

When Alice was two years old, I went to work. I still think it was a big mistake, but you can’t turn back the clock. My parents were sitting with Alice. She lived in a sanatorium. They love her endlessly. After a while, I began to notice that she began to eat poorly on weekends. That is, at her grandmother’s, she eats soups, stewed potatoes with meat, requires additives, and at home she eats little and with reluctance. It should be noted that they ground her food in a blender to a state of puree. I tried to feed her at home as usual, meat, omelet, if soup, then pureed, with small pieces. Then I had a complex that I do not cook well. So bad that my child doesn’t want to eat it. Gradually, she gave up the omelet, which she used to love very much. From the usual food in her diet were cutlets and chops.

When I gave her soup or liquid porridge, she choked and could not eat them. We started working on it. Grandma ground the food less to preserve the slightly uneven structure, but Alice choked on this kind of food as well.

Now she’s eating chicken fillet. She is ready to eat only them and unsweetened corn flakes (she, of course, would choose sweet, but hi bgbk diet and refusal of sugar. By the way, you can read about how we put Alice on the bgbk diet here.). I cook porridge on water and grind it, very slowly, very gradually reduce the degree of pureing until it turns out. With soups, too, there is progress, but not very big, small pieces of vegetables she can already chew, so I hope we will come to the classic soup someday.

It is very difficult to introduce new products. Sometimes she can try something, such as a banana, but this is extremely rare. For example, I have been teaching her to drink orange juice for a long time, while she drinks orange juice from a teaspoon, sometimes she can lick it.

It turns out that the diet is limited.

From cereals, it is rice, buckwheat and millet (the rest can not be on the bgbk diet). Soups are really different (chicken, rice, pumpkin, string beans, etc.). From the second course, stewed potatoes with chicken (again in the form of mashed potatoes), chicken fillet. Fruits are very hard, they are almost not in the diet. From snacking-corn flakes without sugar.

I blamed myself for a long time that my daughter came from a regular diet to a special selective one, but when I talked to the mothers of other children with similar diagnoses, it turned out that many have the same problems. Children up to a certain age eat regular food, and then become selective in food. Many people say that with age, this passes, even if not 100%, but the diet becomes more diverse. I really hope so and continue to work on our project.