Moving changed our lives

On the day when the neurologist recommended us to issue her daughter with a disability, she also said that here in the North the climate does not suit her, she needs more air. Then, these words passed on the edge of consciousness, because everything was obscured by the terrible word “disability”. When the emotions subsided a little, we thought about moving. Thought, dreamed, chose a place. Only all this remained at the level of words. Once my former colleague came to work for us, she sold her apartment and bought a house in the Kuban. With ecstasy, she told me that roses bloom there all winter. In the evening we went to the Bank and applied for a mortgage. In Surgut, where we lived, we had an apartment, and there was no mortgage. Our salary was very good and, surprisingly, we approved almost 7 million. Notably stunned, we began to look for an apartment on the Black sea, to come there on vacation, to leave there for the whole summer of children with grandparents. Initially, we planned to take a one-room or Studio, but since the budget allows us to decide to take a two-piece, of course not for all 7 million, we limited ourselves to 2.5, because to take this one, but in fact it will be necessary to give Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa. We wanted a renovated apartment because we had little idea how we would do or even control repairs remotely.
Found as something option in Adler, all us liked, and the price and from sea not far and quadrature and renovating-is identically! Only here we decided to look at the google map looks like the area and stunned! Most of the area was like industrial area, almost above the house is a railway bridge, with none of the green. So the search continued. In order to somehow protect myself, I began to look at the website of Sberbank accredited developers, especially since the purchase of an apartment in the mortgage only such and need to look. Found a great option to repair! The house was under construction and was due to be commissioned in a year. After reading a bunch of reviews, we decided to take. In the summer we had no vacation, and in the autumn we planned to go to the Crimea, so we were ready to wait a year. Of course, on the way from the Crimea, we stopped to see our purchase, some of the houses in the neighborhood had already been commissioned, but the construction was in full swing. We wandered around the entrance, up to our floor, in joyful anticipation. The hardest part was waiting. To the credit of the developer, the apartment was handed over day in and day out. Husband and son are so tired of waiting that the car went to Anapa, in the hope that the house will be handed over a week earlier. This did not happen and 5 days they lived in a car near the entrance, becoming a local landmark. In General, during the move there was a lot of fun and interesting. You can read about it here.

The first summer was great! For us to remember all the friends, relatives and more or less familiar to people. In spite of the fact that to the sea from us on foot to go minutes 40 we enjoyed mad popularity. The apartment was always noisy, a lot of children and adults, it was fun! Summer ended and returning home we decided to fly to Anapa for the new year holidays. Planned vacation and began to wait. Only in November, my husband changed his job and flew with the vacation. My son was more interesting to spend the holidays with friends and Alice and I had to fly together. When we flew in Surgut was -30, and when we arrived in Anapa there was 0 degrees. I never wore a hat during the whole vacation. We were hot in our winter down jackets. In one of days temperatures climbed until +16, we thought, that such a not case! Impressed to the maximum. We constantly walked, breathed the sea air, enjoyed the warmth. It was a turning point, when we returned we realized that we were ready to change our place of residence.
Now, 2.5 years after the move, I can say with confidence that we did not regret it. Anapa was the city in which we are very comfortable. The city is small, rather small. There is no fuss, constant running is unclear why. Yes, it is more difficult to work here, and wages are lower than in the North, but for us there are much more advantages.
During the first summer that we lived in Anapa, Alice made a lot of progress. Even though while we adapted we didn’t go to any classes. We walk a lot, she loves to go to the Big Utrish, where the wonderful sea and clean air. We realized that we can live and not strain. Here is a completely different rhythm, in comparison with Surgut. Here people can be late for meetings, which at first greatly strained us, we, the pupils of Surgutneftegaz are accustomed to strict discipline. Here everything is somehow easier and gradually we entered into this rhythm, stopped hurrying somewhere and began to enjoy every day we lived. We were very lucky that just when we moved, in Anapa opened a wonderful center for children with ASD and not only “Sofia”, so the problem with classes was solved. Perhaps because children with disabilities often come to Anapa in summer and autumn, or maybe for some other reason, but the attitude here to such children is very good. I will not say that in Surgut the attitude is bad, I have not encountered negativity, but here the children are somehow kinder and easier. I judge this by my son’s classmates (he graduated from the 9th grade in Anapa), by the way they approached him on the first day and easily accepted him into their campaign.
Now I understand that we just need a house, we do not have enough apartments. Alice wants to spend more and more time on the street, and in the house I can let her go alone. And we have come to the fact that we are not urban residents, we do not need to move, we like peace and quiet. So our next step is to buy a house.
I do not think that the path we have chosen is suitable for everyone, but I am glad that we took the risk and changed the harsh North to the gentle South. Good luck to you! Do not be afraid to change something in your life, live in a buzz!