Parents in the boarding school of type 8. An autistic child and the school.

My daughter started school this year. Our choice fell on the type 8 boarding school in Suvorov-Cherkessk. You can read about how I chose the school here. I bring Alice to school at 8: 30 and pick her up, usually at 11: 00, after the third lesson. This visiting mode is called”50%”. Most of the children arrive at school on Monday, some with their parents, some on the school bus and go home on Friday, after classes. I’m waiting for Alice near the school, because the way from our house we pass in 40-50 minutes, and back 60-90 minutes and ride back and forth is not profitable either for money or time.

At first I thought I’d be one of those mothers sitting in the car outside the school waiting for a baby. It turned out that I was wrong. Gradually, day by day, I get to know other moms. These are already such mastodons, their children are not in school for the first year. Everything is already captured, rituals are formed, relationships are adjusted. Thermos with tea or coffee, kefir with a bun, chocolate for cheerfulness. Someone wipes the car Windows, someone buys food for lunch, someone reads, in General, everyone goes about their business. The relationship was quite friendly. After all, here you can share your child’s success, complain about failures, or discuss the latest news.

Not so long ago, I met one of the mothers, she brings a fifth-grader’s son and waits for him later in the company of a younger son of three years and a six-month-old daughter. Awesome woman, fun, sociable, you listen to her and wonder where she has so much energy. Some of the children are brought by their grandmothers and not always on their own transport, sometimes on public transport, and this is longer and not so comfortable, especially in the heat. And they also do not lose heart, they tell some stories with humor, share their experience. In General, with humor in this company, everything is fine, but how else, if you seriously worry about every little bit of an unpleasant situation, you can sit at home and not go out.

Someone leaves their children for five days. I can’t imagine what it’s like for parents to bring their eight-year-old to school and leave him for a week. To be honest, at first I was biased against such parents. No, mentally I understood that situations are different, that everyone decides what is best for their child, but I was terribly sorry for these children who are left without relatives for a whole week. Somewhere in the subcortex sat the feeling that this is not possible, it is wrong and children suffer. Now my opinion has changed when you see these parents live and realize that they are not some abstract alcoholics who decided to push the child to a boarding school, but quite ordinary, normal families who love their children and take care of them.

I won’t talk about all of them, I’ve only met some of them so far, but my first impressions are very pleasant. I realized that I wasn’t ready to leave Alice for five days, and I didn’t plan to do it either in first grade or later.

I hope that my daughter will also be able to build a good and good relationship with the guys, just like I do.