First successes in school. An autistic child and school.

To school

Today I want to share with you the first successes of Alice in school. After the last conversation with the teacher and the hints about individual training, the mood was not very rosy. We continued to go to classes, we continued to hint that Alice can not learn in class with the other children. But that’s not what we’re talking about today.

Despite the fact that Alice left school with tears. I understand that it a couple of times, pushing through sobs class teacher and getting the desired result get used to this tactic, and as soon as she got bored in school, she began to cry. The teacher, succumbing to tears, lets her go home and we get the consolidation of undesirable behavior.

I asked her to let Alice go home without waiting for tears. Let it be after the second or even the first lesson, but not when she is crying. A couple of times it was possible, but otherwise the situation has not changed.

Alice still likes to go to school. She does not cry in the morning, calmly puts her briefcase on her shoulders and gets into the car with a good mood. And even when we get to the place to go to school with pleasure.

Often in the morning, older children (10-12 years old) play ball near the school. My daughter is very interested in their game and I am happy about it. If the school has football in the morning, then Alice passes her way to the porch sooooo slowly. She is constantly distracted by the guys, stops and watches their game, sometimes even runs after the ball. She gets so carried away that she forgets where she was going. It’s good that with the bell, everyone drops the game and runs through the classes and she follows them. This interest of hers pleases me very much. And the fact that the guys do not drive it away and take it into the game even more.

And recently there was an incident that moved me to tears. In the morning, as always, we walked together with Alice from the car to the gate and then she went alone, and I was left to watch her go to school. Somewhere in the middle of her journey, a boy and a girl came out of school and started playing ball. When they saw Alice, they shouted to her: “Alice, hello!” – a boy and “Hello, Alison” – a girl. They weren’t her classmates, but older children. Alice did not answer them, but looked at them. It was so nice to be accepted. The students here are simple and very unsophisticated, but very positive. It’s not uncommon for people to hug each other or teachers. Recently, I also saw a teacher go to school in the morning, and a boy runs towards her, speaks poorly, but you can guess: “Let me carry it,” he asks her, and after receiving the bag in his hands, he proudly walks beside her.

And it is not for nothing that I have often heard that the atmosphere in this school is like in a big family, while I am only convinced of the correctness of this statement. Of course, not without difficulties, but the adaptation is underway.

If we sum up the interim results, then now Alice:

  1. Goes to school with pleasure.
  2. She carries her own briefcase, knows what is in it and where it is, can get the necessary things.
  3. Shows interest in other children.
  4. Tries to participate in the game.
  5. I stopped pushing children at the entrance. On the third of September, when she went to school for the first time without me, but with high school students (you can read about this here) I saw that at the entrance, she pushed the boys in the back to make them pass faster, but since everyone’s temperature is measured at the entrance, a small jam formed. After a few days, she stopped doing this and calmly waited for her turn.
  6. Calmly lets you measure its temperature with a non-contact thermometer. This greatly facilitated trips to the clinic and other public places.

So, even if small, but there are successes. And the further away, the more of them there will be. Thank you for staying with us. Good luck to you big and small!