Preparing for an electrocardiogram of an autistic child | How Alice was given an electrocardiogram.

Playing an electrocardiogram

Good day to all! There was a need to do an electrocardiogram for Alice. It arose due to the fact that we plan to treat teeth under sedation. Without sedation, we did not succeed, the maximum that it can withstand is an examination. I will not get ahead of myself, as soon as the teeth are cured — I will write about the ECG for now.

Before that, we did such a study for Alice, but it was a long time ago, I can’t even remember now how old she was. Given that she is not particularly positive about all sorts of manipulations with her body,I was worried about how everything would go. I called our medical centers and found the one where they go to the house. They chose the time and waited.

Realizing that the most terrible thing for my daughter is the unknown, I decided to prepare her. She told us that a nurse would come to us, that she would attach suckers with wires to it and watch how the heart works. I won’t say that Alice listened to me carefully, but I hope that something was stored in my head. For maximum immersion, we also played an ECG. I took the old one burned out the lights, tore off two sucker pads from under the head to the shower and put it in. Then she took the teaspoons and put them together in two pieces, and wrapped them with wire to hold them, which was also stored in the bins. It turned out to be a kind of forceps for hands and feet.

Alice watched the case out of the corner of her eye. To begin with, I just put the suckers on her, she laughed, she liked the game. Then I moved on. I asked her to take off her T-shirt and lie down on the sofa. I attached handmade forceps to my arms and legs, suckers with wires on my chest, and started listening to my heart. Alice took the procedure very calmly, lay still, did not show concern, only turned her head to see what was being done to her. I was very encouraged by her reaction. The next day, in the morning, we consolidated the positive experience and began to wait.

I was a little nervous, but thankfully it went well.

A very calm, positive nurse prepared an electrocardiogram device without any fuss. In parallel, she met Alice, showed her how and where to attach the wires and clamps (I do not know how to properly call all this, I hope you will understand me). When everything was ready, I asked Alice to lie down, as yesterday, when we played. The attachment points were sprinkled with water and quickly attached everything. The daughter calmly reacted to all this, the only thing that alerted her was when she was splashed, this moment I did not take into account in the game and it turned out to be a surprise for her. Then everything was simple, I held her hands so that she did not wave them, and the nurse held her phone with cartoons so that she did not get up and did not raise her head.

Just a couple of minutes and the job was done.

The result is there, the child is not stressed, the nurse is not shocked by the children’s yell, the mother is happy! A day later, I went and picked up the result at the medical center, where I paid for the procedure. Next time, if there is such a need, we will be able to do it in the clinic (I really hope so).

By the way, after that, we also did an electroencephalogram, but not at home, but in the medical center, and also successfully, although I cried, but I did not break out much, and then I calmed down completely. And at the neurologist’s Alice immediately, as soon as she entered the office, lay down on the couch, and gave herself to be examined, although not lying down, but sitting, but absolutely calm.

In general, little by little, we get used to various new manipulations, struggle with undesirable behavior and grow. By the way, we are very lucky for doctors and nurses, both in the municipal polyclinic and in the paid one. Many people remember us even after one visit and then celebrate our success. This is very pleasant and greatly facilitates the process of various kinds of medical examinations.

P.S. If you are interested, we paid 1350 rubles for an electrocardiogram at home (800 rubles for a nurse’s call and 550 rubles. electrocardiogram).