How Alice closed me on the balcony.

Once upon a time, Alice and I lived together for six months. This happened when our family started migrating from Surgut to Anapa. My son was just finishing the ninth grade and wanted to finish his school, our father was still working in Surgut, and we were at that time free birds and we were sent to slowly settle in the South. When the flow of friends and relatives who want to relax on the Black sea dried up and we were left alone, this incident occurred.

Why I went out on the balcony I have, to be honest, I do not remember. But I remember very well how I heard the sound of the door closing, turned around, and Alice was already turning the handle. So I was trapped on the balcony, on the 16th floor, and without a phone. The entrance doors are locked with a key, the key is in the keyhole, which eliminates the possibility of opening us with a key from the outside. In General, when we lived together, at first I was afraid at night. Sometimes it seemed that someone was standing behind the door. One day, I woke up at night from a dream that someone turns the handle of the front door and it slowly opens. I open my eyes, but my body is numb with fear, I lie and listen to the sounds — silence. I gathered myself in a heap, went to check – the door was closed, the most terrible thing was to look through the door peephole, it seemed to me that someone would definitely be there, but I got carried away, the entrance was empty. After this incident, I checked the front door several times before going to bed. Of course, gradually, this fear faded and I got used to the fact that we were alone, but I didn’t get the key out of the lock, just in case.

So, we are alone in the apartment, Alice is 4 years old, she does not understand me (why it is written that she does not understand ) and does not plan to rescue me from prison. There was no fear, I was amused by the fact that I was in such a ridiculous situation. I tried to reach the door handle through the half-open window into the room, but it didn’t work. I started planning how to climb over to the neighbor’s balcony to call rescuers and break down the front door. When I was almost imagining myself as a woman with a cat climbing up a wall Alice decided that she needed my help. She was watching a cartoon and she had to switch the series, Alice herself could not cope with this and remembered that she, like, has a mother who used to do it successfully. After that, we tried to negotiate, my daughter demanded that I help her with the cartoon, I in response demanded that she turn the handle. In the end, judging by her expression, she got tired of arguing with me and turned the unfortunate handle. Hurray! Freedom! It turned out that my imprisonment lasted only 15 minutes, and the emotions lasted for a week. After that, I always propped up the door if I went out on the balcony, and then our men came and we had to get used to it again, but this time it was crowded and noisy at home again.

P.S. only recently I learned that in such a situation, you can squeeze out the plastic part of the door with your feet, which is under the glass (it’s good that I didn’t guess it then and the door remained intact). It may be useful to someone, but it’s better not to.