The joys of family life with a disabled child

Something I looked back and realized that most of the articles are written about the sad, about what hurts, what worries. The wrong picture is created, it seems that our life is full of pain, sadness and constant fierce struggle. Perhaps it is easier to write about the painful, especially since when you write it becomes easier, in psychoanalysis it is called sublimation. About good we have as it is not accepted, we are often afraid to jinx it, cherish it or are embarrassed to share. That’s not the point. I want to talk today about what gives us joy.

All members of our family are not in a state of constant stress, especially Alice, she is generally a solid positive and does not steam through life. We took her illness for granted, as the conditions of the problem that are given in the beginning, and how to solve each chooses himself. I had to learn a lot. For example, enjoy the little things. Not just to notice them and praise the child, but to really rejoice. Today Alice slept entire night, with 21.00 until 6.30-cheers! It’s great, it’s a buzz, because mom also slept and is full of energy and ready for feats! Izrisovala in kindergarten timetable, educators say about this with relish, because the handle kept correctly-cheers, good mood on weekend secured!

The first time I cried for joy, when Alice, walking in the yard began to repeat the boy who was riding down the hill. He became it interesting, approach the she not risked, but watch on him very interested and repeated the, that he makes, it was curious, they played. Boy she, too, has become interesting, and they well small skated with slides about half an hour of exercise. Everyone was happy, I was happy!

Then was case, when she on my the request shared with boy candy (likes she their frightening, but we its in sweet limit, so this was recognized feat), and then starters share already without my requests. Cool!

In any way we were not given the word “mother” for a long time, although she uttered these sounds, she could even say “mother”, but it was not a word, just a set of sounds, she did not use it for its intended purpose. The speech therapist advised me to try through actions, that is, in a situation where she has to turn to me, I helped her hand to pronounce the right word and she pronounced it. After a couple of weeks, she showed herself that she needed help, that she wanted to go to her mother. I helped her and gradually she began to help herself with her hand. The word “mother” is firmly in our everyday life. Then, truth emerged, another the problem, obsession on aid hand, but then we and its decided. Hurray! The word “mother”, which is used for its intended purpose – a great victory! Further came turn words “Pope”, “Baba”, “grandfather”, every, to whom she now refers happy! The word “brother” is not yet mastered, but it is more complicated and still ahead.

We really laughed when I showed her how to hold the cat. She learned to take it and hold it, but she did not let go and loudly resented that no one helped her. It looked very comical, so we had fun for about a week, and then she realized, and she and the cat exhaled.

Alice teaches us to order. Preparing the bed for bed, kicking the cats out of the bed, closing the door behind him, sweeping the floor before dad’s arrival – all this is strictly observed only thanks to her. I am generally a person disorganized, the need to comply with the regime and some ritualistic actions peculiar to Alice makes me be more collected and helps to form arbitrariness.

She is very affectionate, loves to hug and kiss. Sometimes case sit such a sad, and be appropriate, hug, in cheek kiss and so well immediately, so happily. Senior at this age, slowly began to move away, then he has made friends, their interests, he was not allowed to kiss him on the street. Here conventions do not play a role. She hugs educators, loves small children, treats them with cautious curiosity. I first very she feared, suddenly she as something harm, teetered on ready, to grab its for hand, but doubts proved in vain, she very affectionately call and neatly can Pat child on anybody, if, of course, mother child not against. Maybe just stand there and watch. For me, any interest in her is pleasant, anything that makes her look out of her world into ours.

In fact, there are many joys, if it turns out that it is interesting we will share. And you share, because to share success and happiness means to multiply them!